Latest Developments

Improvements in Electric Melting Technology for Glass Melting Furnaces

Since a long time, many researchers have been studying glass melting furnace technology with direct current method using Joule heating in which heat is generated by passing current through molten glass.
Since glass melting furnaces in which the technology is applied do not emit exhaust gases, they have many advantages, such as: they are friendly to the atmospheric environment, heating efficiency is high, and the glass quality is high.
We have developed furnaces making use of the advantages of the technology. This time we have developed a new model experimental equipment, and continue with research and development.


All electric melting furnace model

experimental equipment


Convection of solution

in the model experimental equipment

Development of New Bubbling System

Bubbling is a technology for glass melting furnaces, where convection is prompted within the glass and it is stirred forcibly, using the lifting power of bubbles formed in the glass by forcing gases such as air through the furnace bottom.
We have developed new bubbling systems with the objectives of improving glass quality and saving energy.