Reach out to the world as a general plant engineering company

Furnace construction technology encompasses wide-ranging technologies such as architectural engineering, ceramic engineering, metal engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, and control engineering. We have found ourselves entering fields such as industrial furnace plants, environmental plants and rocket launchers, through introducing new ideas to the wide-ranging technology.
"No Border in Technology" - Based on this key concept, IFC (Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd.) will proudly deliver its leading-edge technological expertise on a global scale, and vigorously push forward to be a company regarded as a necessity in the world.
We believe that to deepen mutual understanding among different cultures in the world is also one of our important tasks.

Responsible construction with technology handed down from over 100 years ago

We offer not only construction works for various types of industrial furnaces, but also works for auxiliary systems and chimneys and services for rapid heating-up.
Based on an attentive system covering from basic design to maintenance, we are regarded highly by not only domestic users but also overseas users for construction works of various industrial furnaces and, in particular, glass furnaces because of our responsible construction operations, which our users can confidently entrust to us.
We are convinced that our achievements have been possible thanks to the tradition of superior technology we have developed through many years of experience and accomplishments, accumulation of our original know-how and, above all, constructive interactions with many customers.
"No Final Goal in Technology" - Based on this key concept, we will continue to develop and provide advanced execution technology as a company that can contribute to the betterment of society together with our customers.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

In order to exercise corporate social responsibility, we aim to be a company that is trusted by all. IFC complies with laws and regulations as well as values and ethics, and makes much of compliance that conforms to social norms.