1892 The founder, Heikichi Ihara established Ihara-gumi in Osaka as a furnace construction contractor.
1896 Constructed 2 semi-gas type bottle glass furnaces as a special vender when Osaka Brewery Co., Ltd constructed their bottle manufacturing plant.
1903 Heikichi Ihara supervised to construct a Siemens type bottle glass furnace in India.
1909 Constructed a sheet glass furnace using Belgium type manual blowing cylinder method, in Amagasaki plant, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
1919 Constructed a Siemens type sheet glass furnace in Wakamatsu plant, Nichibei Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. (current Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.)
1928 Constructed a fourcault type sheet glass furnace in Amagasaki plant, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
1939 Constructed a continuous heating furnace and a holding furnace for steel sheet in Hirohata works, Japan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (current Nippon Steel Corporation)
1948 Established Ihara Furnace Construction Co., Ltd. with capital of 500,000 yen.
1953 Constructed a titanium manufacturing rotary kiln in Yokkaichi plant, Ishihara Sangyo Co., Ltd.
1954 Constructed a glass furnace for cathode ray tubes for Asahi Special Glass Co., Ltd.
1958 Iwao Ihara took up a post as president.
1960 Constructed a copper reverberatory furnace for Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd.
1961 Constructed the No. 3 open hearth furnace in Wakayama works, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
1962 Established Kanto office.
1964 Officially opened Yokohama office and Kyushu office.
Designated as a refractory distributor by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Constructed a float type sheet glass furnace in Tsurumi plant, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
1966 Established Iho branch office, Osaka office (in Takasago, Hyogo).
1967 Changed company name to Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd.
Separated the design and construction department of acid-resisting works to be independent, and established Acid Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1968 Separated glass-material (cullet) manufacturing department to be independent, and established Ihara Kousan Co., Ltd.
1970 Established Tokuyama branch office.
1971 Established Iwao Co., Ltd.
1972 Established Aichi office (current Nagoya office).
Separated refractory finishing department to be independent, and established Ihara Kozai Co., Ltd.
Separated ALC department to be independent and established Ihara Kaken Co., Ltd.
Introduced technologies of Offen-periscope and Radiation Metallic Recuperator.
1973 Constructed a human-waste treatment plant for Tsushima Central Area Cleansing #1 Association.
1975 Organized Incinerator Group (current Environment Equipment Department).
1976 Developed rapid-heating-up technology jointly with Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Construct a municipal waste incineration plant in Gushikawa, Okinawa.
1977 Increased capital to 90 million yen.
1980 Development day tank fully-electric melting furnace.
1981 Established technical cooperation with Gadelius Co., Ltd. (currently Alstom Co., Ltd.) for “Manufacturing and selling Combustall”.
1982 Developed far-infrared application technology (furnace for drying and printing printed circuit board, and heating furnace for forming X sheet).
1984 Developed and delivered No. 2 machine of "drown draft type joint kiln" for Yasuda Glass Industries, Co., Ltd. (request by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.)
Designated as an exclusive distributor of CRI for "electric booster for glass furnaces."
1987 Established Taiwan branch.
1988 Finished Research & Development of “Highly-efficient pot furnace”, and held an open presentation meeting (commissioned by Smaller Enterprise Corp.).
1991 Established Singapore branch.
1992 Established Shanghai Yaohua Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd. (current Shanghai Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd.)
1995 Finished Research & Development of “Cullet preheating glass melting system using heat generated by the combustion of waste”, and held an open presentation meeting (commissioned by Smaller Enterprise Corp.).
Established selling cooperation with Antonini (Italy) for "Slow cooling furnace."
1997 Established PT. Ihara Teknis Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia).
1998 Developed "Dry honeycomb rapid gas cooling system."
2002 Earned ISO 9001:2000 certification
2004 Shinichi Ihara took up a post as president, and Iwao Ihara took charge of adviser to the board.
Received an order of renewing a flue gas treatment equipment of the wood waste fired boiler for Reverse, Co., Ltd. (Osaka) from Takuma Plant Co., Ltd.
Constructed gas generation equipment for Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd./Sumikin Recycle Co., Ltd. (in Kashima works).
2005 Renamed to Shanghai Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd. (former Shanghai Yaohua Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd.)
2006 Closed down Singapore branch.
2007 Established IFC KOREA Co., Ltd. (Gumi,Korea)
2008 Etsuji Ihara took up a post as president.
2018 Abandonment of ISO9001:2015 cirtification by voluntary management start