Quality Assurance Policy

Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that is recognized worldwide as being “honest and trustworthy in every way”, and whose “worth and necessity are also recognized worldwide”.
We consistently offer products that comply with both customers’ requirements and the applicable regulatory requirements; incorporate the know-how regarding industrial furnaces we have accumulated as a general engineering company into the quality management system in order to improve customer satisfaction; enhance the competence and consciousness of all personnel; and promote continuous improvement of the validity of the system.
Our basic philosophy is defined as follows and is well-known to all employees.

"Establish and implement a system that can offer in advance products
that meet customer's needs, by predicting future trends."

We effectively establish, maintain, improve, and use the quality assurance system and quality management system, based on this basic philosophy.
We are all, from the president down, responsible for the quality at each stage; and together promote the following activities.

  1. Build a framework in which all personnel know and understand the quality policy while enhancing conscious awareness of this policy.
  2. Set a yearly quality target for each project, in order to provide material values for the quality policy.
  3. In order to further improve the system and satisfy customers’ requirements, develop an internal environment that does not allow defects in product quality to occur, by continuously reviewing the system.
  4. Perform regular management reviews to ensure that the system validity is maintained. Review and update the quality policy and quality targets, whenever required.