Glass Melting Furnace

Glass melting furnace construction work [Drain out・Demolition・Construction]

Drain out

Cold repair of the glass melting furnace starts with drain out work.
Though the work of extracting hot molten glass is quite dangerous, highly skilled engineers of our company have handled such work many times and have received appraisal from our customers. We also use our company’s own glass bear in order to slowly cool down the molten glass and then dispose of it.


The refractories which need to be renewed are demolished using heavy machinery and air equipment.
We work hard on reducing the costs by reducing waste as we separate materials which can be further recycled while performing the demolition work.

Furnace construction

Our company’s specialty is furnace construction.
Even in the modern era with its advanced machinery there are delicate types of work in the process of furnace construction that cannot be performed using machines only, and where experience is required, so we believe that our technologies will be handed down in future.