Furnace observation and cleaning

Furnace Observation Equipment Endoscope

Furnace Observation Equipment Endoscope

Using the special equipment resistant even to the temperature of 1600℃ it is possible to observe and inspect the interior of the furnace.
Observation equipment allows to watch and project the image to the monitor as well as record and save the visual data.
This data may help to estimate the capacity of necessary repair works, the repair method as well as record the wear of the furnace over the time.

Observation of the Furnace Interior using Endoscope

Technical Solution for Observation of the Furnace Interior

・It is possible to check the damage degree of refractories
・It is possible to propose the reparation method based on the observation data
・By observing the burner flame it is possible to adjust the combustion process
・It is possible to check the melting process in the batch flow area