Thermal Repair

MAP Method

MAP Method

MAP method(Micro Arc Processing) is a method of preventing the bricks from falling or collapsing using an electrical anchor which can be safely and quickly fitted to refractory.

Using a drill to make a hole in the bricks can lead to the collapse of the furnace wall due to the impact from the drill to the bricks.

MAP method allows to safely fit the anchor to the bricks and pull them without any damaging impact. This method is one of the trump cards of IFC for repairing refractory without stopping the production process.

Example of using MAP method①
Prevention of collapsing of the furnace wall using the anchor



Making a hole in the bricks using the anchor.
This method is applicable for any type of bricks such as clay bricks, alumina zirconia bricks, fused cast bricks. The time for making a hole in the bricks is practically the same for any type of bricks.

Example of using MAP method②
Measures of preventing crown bricks from falling into the furnace using the anchor