Furnace and Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering

We have experience in designing and constructing of different types of glass furnaces, including those applied for manufacturing of bottles, tableware and displays.

In order to meet our customers’ demands in terms of production output and material properties, we offer gas or oil combusting type furnaces, direct and indirect heating type electric furnaces, single pot and joint pot type furnaces.

Design features

– Optimal furnace size
We design furnaces which have optimal size to suit our customers’ conditions in terms of production output and type of products.

– Optimal insulation
When designing insulation, we apply our long-term experience and take into consideration costs and furnace life cycle.

– Optimal furnace control system
Having reviewed the opinions of our customers, we design furnace control systems which guarantee easy maintenance and operability, high quality of glass products and long furnace life cycle.

Various glass melting furnaces