Furnace and Plant Engineering

Auxiliary equipment【Furnace Monitoring Camera 】

Furnace Monitoring Camera (Phoenix eye)

Furnace monitoring camera (Phoenix Eye), which is installed inside the furnace, has high resolution, is compact and easy to maintain.
It is effective even in severe conditions inside the furnace.
Automatic extraction in case of electricity and water supply failure can be offered as an option.

Phoenix Eye®

Phoenix Eye® is an industrial monitoring system for stable monitoring of the interior of the glass melting furnace even in hot and severe conditions.


– High Resolution

CCD camera and a relay lens have wide and deep focus, which allows to observe the interior of the furnace in high resolution.

– Light Weight

Combined weight of the cooling water cylinder and the camera case is appr. 20 kg (excl. cooling water)

– Easy maintenance

Dismantlement of the camera and relay lens for maintenance is easy

Camera exterior
Shooting screen