We offer different services, from construction of a new chimney from concrete or steel to dismantling of the old chimney, reinforcement of the existing chimney with carbon sheets and such, and various repair works.

Also, in order to estimate the scope of repair works we examine the chimney, as well as provide all-embracing maintenance using our long-year experience and vast data.

Reinforced Steel Chimney

Reinforced steel chimneys are intended to be used in electric, metal and chemical industries.

Chimneys are designed according to the volume of waste gas,where the highest ones can reach up to 200 meters.
Design and construction of such chimneys require utmost precision of calculation and attention to detail.

We use all our experience and technique when construction reinforced steel chimneys and strive to develop our construction skills and technique.

We would like to assure you that you can entrust any type of work, from construction to repair, with us.

Internal Cylinder Chimney

Internal cylinder chimney is a chimney used in industrial incineration facilities.

Two internal chimneys are encircled by the external wall in order to conceal the inceneration plant chimney.
Depending on the constructional features the external form of the chimney may vary.

We also have a lot of experience in construction of internal cylinder chimneys.